Since they began operating, our Sunpower solar panel system has produced millions of kWh, or 120% of the total predicted energy for all months of operation. Cumulatively since system operation began, our renewable energy production helped avoid the release of thousands of tons of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, the equivalent of thousands of acres of forest saved, or of not driving tens of millions of miles.


In response to high customer demand for additional warehouse space, we have built a 125,000 square foot (7,500,000 cubic foot) state of the art expansion located about two miles south of our original cold storage facility. This new, environmentally green building, built by Hamann Construction, adds 29,000 pallet positions to our existing 11,000 space capacity. Innovative Cold offers a computerized climate-controlled refrigeration system, blast freezing capabilities, railcar loading and cross docking, and the new facility also has a state of the art radio frequency inventory maintenance system.

Green Features

SunPower Solar Panels set the world record in solar technology. These solar panels produce about 50% more power than conventional panels and up to two to four times more power than thin film technology.

By investing in the most powerful solar technology on the planet, we receive the highest energy savings in return.

Solar power drastically lowers energy costs by channeling one of the most abundant and renewable resources on the planet. It hedges against rising utility rates, increasing energy savings over time, and requires little maintenance. Solar is smart, simplified energy management.

Solatube daylighting systems are the innovative and environmentally friendly way to naturally brighten every room. Offering the highest performance in the industry, green Solatube Daylighting Systems are the smart alternative to skylights.

The Solatube Daylighting System captures light through a dome on the roof and channels it down through our internal reflective system. This tubing is far more efficient than a traditional drywall skylight shaft, which can lose over half of the potential light. The tubing will fit between rafters and will install easily with no structural modification. At the ceiling level, a diffuser that resembles a recessed light fixture spreads the light evenly throughout the room.