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Introducing the 5th Annual San Diego Excellence in Energy Winners
March 30, 2009 | Sandee Awards (excerpt)
Special Achievement by a Small Business: INNOVATIVE COLD STORAGE ENTERPRISES, INC
Innovative Cold Storage Enterprises decided in 2007 to expand its refrigerated storage company. They committed to designing, constructing and operating a new environmentally friendly facility. The interior of "ICE-2" contains extremely narrow aisle racking to maximize product storage; while efficient storage retrieval is achieved with electric forklifts that recharge with energy generated by the weight of products being lowered from the racks, ICE-2 is 62% more efficient than a baseline storage facility, providing annual energy savings of 3,409,639 kWh.

Around 42% of ICE-2's energy requirements are produced by 504kW of the one MW solar PV system. The remaining 504kW, owned by SDG&E, provides clean power to the community. ICE-2 also uses 75% less water for landscaping and 65% less water for non-process uses.

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